What Our 2015 Alumni Say About the Boston Summer Seminar

Boston Summer Seminar 2015 Alumni

“Having the support of the program and an archivist to help my students really allowed me to make the most of the time for my own work.”

“I really enjoyed meeting the other groups and having constant support. It was very professionally done, and I really enjoyed being treated like a real researcher, rather than a college student dipping her toes into archival work for the first time in her life.”

“There are very few opportunities as an undergraduate to sit down to do research, without the stress and hassle of pending deadlines and other classes.”

“I enjoyed the camaraderie of working with students and faculty at other institutions and also collaborating with archivists and librarians.”

“There are many parts of this seminar/program that give you a bird’s-eye view of archival institutions; you won’t get that as … a researcher just walking through the door!”

For more information about opportunities for faculty/student research in Boston in June 2016, please see our call for proposals or email Seminar Director Natalie Dykstra at ndykstra@hope.edu.

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