Announcement for Boston Summer Seminar, 2017


Park Street, Boston ~

We are saddened to report that funding uncertainties and challenges have come up for the Boston Summer Seminar’s 2017 session.  We feel strongly about the need to resolve those issues before we post our call for proposals and recruit our next teams.  Thus, the application page will not be updated until the 2017 program is confirmed.

If the program is running next year, the deadline for proposals will most likely be February 15, 2017. We will post program updates here as soon as they are available.

In the meantime, here are a few comments from our 2016 alumni:

  • “This was an extraordinarily valuable experience for the students and for me. So well thought-out and executed. Quite wonderful.”
  • “Keep doing what you’re doing – it’s working!”
  • “Professionally, this opportunity has jump-started a project I’ve been eager to develop…. As a mentor, I could not be more thrilled with watching my two students immerse themselves in every part of this program: both the intellectual and investigative work of digging through archives and the cultural opportunity to experience Boston.”

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