Spaces Available! Seminar Invites 2nd Round Proposals

We are excited to announce that there is still space left for our inaugural program!  Even as we begin working with accepted participants to hone their research projects and this year’s speakers to develop their presentations, we are looking for additional faculty-student teams to join us. We invite interested faculty who were unable to make the January 30 deadline to submit proposals by March 16 2015 for consideration.

Based on feedback from first-round applicants and other interested faculty, the application guidelines have been revised for the second round. Full applications as described in the original CFP are still encouraged, if feasible. However, we have discovered several logistical barriers exist for recruiting student participants at the application stage. If enlisting student partners in advance of the March 16 deadline is not possible, the Seminar team will consider the following a sufficient proposal:

  • A cover page with a project title, contact information for the faculty applicant, and a brief abstract describing the research theme (no more than 300 words).
  • A research statement by the faculty applicant (no more than 1500 words).
  • A current CV and one-page bibliography of collections to be consulted from the faculty member.
  • In lieu of student research statements, a brief (no more than one page) statement from the faculty applicant describing how they hope to recruit student participants, and any structural or other barriers to student participation they are concerned about.

Email applications are required; attached documents should be in PDF format. Please submit your team’s application documents in a single email to:

Natalie Dykstra

Department of English, Hope College

Second-round applicants will be notified of their acceptance no later than March 30.  Subsequent to acceptance, if the faculty applicant needs to finish recruiting student team members, the Seminar team will do all it can to support these efforts. Students recruited for a team after March 30th will be expected to submit a research statement for final approval by the Seminar team by May 1.

Please note:  Faculty must have a minimum of one student team member in order to receive their Seminar funding.

We strongly encourage interested faculty to contact Seminar Director Natalie Dykstra as soon as possible to discuss their proposal ideas; our Seminar team is on hand to assist you in building a strong research agenda and in developing effective methods of student recruitment.


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